Scientists have found a place where I can start a new pandemic

Ученые нашли место, где может начаться новая пандемия

Wildlife markets in South-East Asia create favourable conditions for the development of coronaviruses. To such conclusion came from an international team of zoologists, who published his research on the portal preprints and bioRxiv, writes Naked Science on Friday, June 12.

Scientists conducted research on the markets and farms of Vietnam in 2013-2014. Then they collected samples of biological material (blood, feces and other secretions) from the animals that they sold.

By polymerase chain reaction (PCR), the researchers determined the presence of genetic sequences of different coronaviruses in the samples. They were able to detect traces of six different types of pathogens from the three subfamilies of the family Coronaviridae – including beaconinterval, which include the pathogen Covid-19.

“Different strains of coronavirus were detected in all 24 markets where they sold live rodents. In addition, the virus was found on 60% of farms where they grow these animals, and 94% of the companies that produce fertilizer from excreta of bats,” write the researchers.

In addition, the study showed that as the movement of animals through the supply chain, the proportion of samples infected by various coronaviruses, increases. Thus, among normal rats, which were sold to fishers, the proportion of infected individuals was 20.7%. In large markets, this figure had risen to 32%, and among rats, which were served in restaurants, the percentage of infected samples was 55.6%. Similar trends were observed for bamboo rats, porcupines and bats.

According to the researchers, the spread of coronaviruses in the meat markets occurs through the mixing of faeces of different species either through direct transmission of the pathogen from one species to another. This in particular indicates the fact that in the feces of rodents was detected viruses, characteristic of birds and bats.

Hybridization of different strains of a virus is the cause of zoonotic infections, and poses a serious threat to man. According to scientists, the governments of Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia should take measures that will prevent appearance of new, deadly viral diseases. As you know, in one version of pandemic COVID-19 began its March around the world from the Chinese market of Wuhan, where the coronavirus was transmitted from commercial animals to man.

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