Scientists have found a similarity of the gestures infants and some monkeys – 24 Channel

Вчені знайшли схожість жестів немовлят та деяких мавп - 24 Канал

Small children under two years use the same gestures that apes.

This writes Animal Cognition. As shown by European psychologists, to communicate, children use gesture 52 and 50 of them coincided with the gestures of chimpanzees and gorillas.

To find out, crossed the “vocabulary” of children and chimpanzees, the researchers monitored 13 children aged from eight to 21 months, I live in Germany and in Uganda.

Вчені знайшли схожість жестів немовлят та деяких мавп - 24 Канал

Children play in a kindergarten or at home were videotaped. The researchers then analysed and allocated to individual gestures compared with gestures chimpanzees ranging in age from 1 to 51 years. The gestures of the children were compared to the gestures of gorillas, which the authors studied in a previous study.

Scientists have identified in children 52 type of gestures with which they communicated. Among them was a gesture intended to set someone physical contact; to show that the child wants, and the gestures that accompanied the audio communication.

As it turned out, the chimpanzees also used 46 of them (89%), and chimpanzees and gorillas in the amount of 50 use gestures (96%) of 52.


The researchers concluded that the gestures of infants and children up to 2 years to coincide with the gestures of apes 96%.

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