Scientists have found a way to prevent cancer

Ученые нашли способ предотвратить рак

Scientists from the University of Louisville announced that they have developed a drug for cancer immunotherapy prevents the development of malignant tumors in the future. As reported by MedicalXpress, the drug prevents the development of several types of cancer.

In the study, researchers injected a recombinant protein SA-4-1BBL in mice, which in different times were infected with cells isolated from different types of cancer. It turned out that the introduction of the drug can protect mice from developing cancer, which they never get sick.

The greatest efficiency gives the drug two weeks after injection. Moreover, immune defense, which was the result of the introduction of SA-4-1BBL, there were more than eight weeks after vaccination.

Observations conducted by the researchers show that the drug activates CD4-lymphocytes and NK-cells (natural killers), but CD8-lymphocytes committed. This means that long-term protection is achieved through a process that does not apply to acquired immunity.