Scientists have found an alternative sport in losing weight

Ученые нашли альтернативу спорту в похудении

It is believed that the most effective tool in losing weight is the sport. However, scientists have found a healthy alternative. Physical activity can be partially replaced with vitamin C.

Many people often in the busy schedule of life of Affairs is not find time for sports. But they want to deal with them and keep your figure in proper condition. Scientists have found for people to alternate.

Sport to some extent, can replace vitamin C. It affects the cardiovascular system in the same way that physical exercise.

The fact that overweight people active hormone endothelin-1 (ET-1), which is known for its vasoconstrictor action. Because of this deteriorating blood flow and increases the risk of heart disease.

This hormone successfully suppresses vitamin C. It affects the body similarly to regular walking at a rapid pace. Therefore starts the process of weight loss.

However, scientists remind us that consumption of vitamin will not be an alternative to sport, the goal of physical activity is not only in the suppression of the activity of endothelin-1. Sport affects the condition bones and muscles, strengthening them. With this function, vitamin C can’t handle. Therefore, scientists offer harmoniously to enter on a regular basis in their habits as the fortification of the body and physical activity.