Scientists have found as an exact copy of the Sun and Earth

Ученые нашли максимально точные копии Солнца и Земли

At 3000 light years from Earth at solar-type stars discovered exoplanet is earth-like and in almost the same orbit.

The astronomers from the German Institute for Solar system research max Planck was able to detect the first potentially habitable planet located in the solar-type stars.

Located at a distance of a little more than 3100 light years yellow dwarf Kepler-160 has a mass of 0.9 solar masses, a radius of 1.1 of its radius, and the luminosity is almost the same as that of the Sun.

Until now she had two known exoplanets, both significantly larger than Earth and too close to the star orbits: apparently, it is incinerated, burning worlds. However, in a new article published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, Rene Heller (René Heller) and colleagues report about the two candidates, the presence of which are indicative of deviations in the movement of the known planets.

One of them, a giant Kepler-160d, not against the backdrop of the disk of its star, therefore, was not seen in previous observations. But more interesting was another – KOI-456.04, the radius of which is estimated at only 1.9 radius of the Earth, and a complete revolution in its orbit it makes for 378 days. Thus, KOI-456.04 surprisingly close to our familiar world, and in itself, and the characteristics of its star. According to astronomers, until now, not been known any such a distant system.

More than 4000 are known today, most exoplanets – gas giants, similar to Jupiter or Neptune. “Supertall” – earth-type planets, with a mass not exceeding our more than 10-fold – open only a few dozen.