Scientists have found benefit in the use overripe bananas

Ученые нашли пользу в употреблении перезрелых бананов

Scientists at Cornell University College of human ecology has proven many benefits from eating overripe bananas. Previously it was thought that nutrients contains more in normal ripe fruit.

According to a recent study, over-ripe bananas have a large amount of antioxidants which slow down the process of cell damage, and it reduces the risk of mass diseases. In addition to this, these fruits help get rid of heartburn and prevent anemia. Due to the large number of overripe bananas in potassium can help lower blood pressure. They also improve blood flow and fighting with clogged arteries. For healthy cardiovascular system fruit should be consumed regularly. To scientists ‘ surprise, it turned out that overripe bananas contain compounds tumor necrosis factor. They appear exactly in the dark spots and contribute to the destruction of cancer and other defective cells.

Also, overripe bananas can help fight stomach ulcers and relieve constipation. In addition, scientists say that they eliminate unpleasant symptoms for PMS and treat depression.