Scientists have found in Turkmenistan and unknown cave eyeless animal

Managed an international group of researchers in caves located to the East of the country. Discovery refers to the arthropods.

Учёные нашли в Туркменистане неизвестное пещерное и безглазое животное

Spanish and Bulgarian scientists found in Turkmenistan previously unknown to science and eyeless cave animal. It is caught in traps set in the bowels of the cave Kaptarkhon.

The creature refers to cave arthropods. His “family” – a family of dvukhvostka. Difference is the complete lack of eyes. Size findings also quite small, amounting to only a few millimetres.

Scientists believe that this animal was a very long evolution. Only as a result of it, these individuals were able to colonize the Central Asian region and its caves.

Previously it was thought that dvukhvostka not fit the life under ground in total darkness, or Central Asia. Now the experts will continue to explore the caves, located in Turkmenistan, in the hope of a new and unusual finds.

The cave where it was found eyeless animal is characterized by the presence of gypsum incrustations, as well as multiple stalagmite and stalactite growths.

For unknown dvukhvostka used bait with the smell of cheese. She “seduced” several individuals who are now at the disposal of specialists to study them.

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