Scientists have found life on Mars more than 40 years ago

Ученые нашли жизнь на Марсе более 40 лет назад

In the summer of 2019, scientists have repeatedly reported the existence of life and Mars. According to them, the organisms on the red planet has arisen earlier than on Earth, but some germs still can live in its depths.

Although this information will only confirm a former employee of NASA believes that all the evidence found 43 years ago, reports Scientific American.

The details of the mission to Mars. Engineer Gilbert Levin, who once worked in the space Agency, published an article detailing the results of the program “Viking” in 1976. Then NASA sent to Mars two the station to conduct a series of experiments.

Soil testing for the existence of living organisms. The station landed at a distance of about 6 400 kilometres apart, and took samples of local soil. The latter was mixed with an aqueous solution of nutrients which marked with radioactive carbon, and followed by discharge in the air.

Ученые нашли жизнь на Марсе более 40 лет назад

The one of the spacecraft “Viking” on Mars

According to the scientist, both devices first reported positive test results, thus showing the presence of “microbial respiration”. The resulting samples were similar to those shown by tests of the soil on Earth. However, when re-checking the data from the “Viking” is not confirmed.

The results of research and further experiments. Representatives from NASA came to the conclusion that an experiment showed only the presence in soil of substances that mimic life, but experts said the information is insufficient to prove the existence of life on Mars and one that requires additional data. According to Levin, NASA, for some reason did not continue the study of the red planet in this direction and decided not to carry out more detailed tests.

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