Scientists have found new evidence that Mars had water

Ученые нашли новые доказательства того, что на Марсе была вода

The photographs of the probe Mars Express scientists could provide new evidence of the existence of underground lakes, which spread throughout Mars.

Scientists have long supported the hypothesis that earlier on Mars in liquid form was water. This was announced

The Mars Express was able to fix the traces of liquid river in the vicinity of Nili Fossae, where a clear boundary between the two hemispheres of the red planet.

Ученые нашли новые доказательства того, что на Марсе была вода

The researchers analyzed pools are indicated by red dots

And although the researchers have not yet established neither the amount of water, or the cause of her disappearance, they said that Mars had water without question.

In the study, scientists noticed that near the majority of impact craters are present in valleys formed by streams of water. And some craters visible even in deep channels.

15 craters had the shape of a fan, similar to river deltas. Some had channels similar to branched tributaries. Their surface was flat, it is likely that this relief was formed by water that have accumulated there
noted scientists from the European space Agency.

Ученые нашли новые доказательства того, что на Марсе была вода

The Landscape Of Mars

What about Mars Express? Mars Express interplanetary station of the European space Agency that deals with the study of Mars. The spacecraft consists of orbital stations, i.e., artificial satellite of Mars, and the lander with automatic Martian station “Beagle-2”. In recent years the station has made many important contributions to science, in particular:
for the first time have discovered water ice.
– recorded in the atmosphere of Mars methane, which could indicate the presence of life on the planet.
– noticed on Mars underground lake with salt water.
– took the pictures with which the scientists were able to construct and present a three-dimensional model of the Martian landscape.