Scientists have found that the Romans were spreading a dangerous disease

Ученые выяснили, что римляне распространяли опасную болезнь

A group of scientists from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, said that the perpetrators of such a broad spread of tuberculosis in the world are the Romans.

They found that the disease began to spread widely and be transported across the planet through the use of public baths and barracks during the formation of Ancient Rome, reports

Experts stressed that the era of Roman rule is a key milestone in the process of the spread of tuberculosis. The main vectors of the disease were Roman soldiers and merchants who have extended the boundaries of power in Asia and Africa, where they exchanged germs with the locals.

However, one of the most ancient strains of tuberculosis are bacteria that appeared in the North-East of China, about 6,600 years ago. Due to the lack of treatment of bacteria evolved, and today every fourth person on the planet affected by this disease.