Scientists have found that variety in food is threatened by obesity

Thus, refuted the theory that eating the same is irrational. Rather, quite the contrary.

Учёные выяснили, что разнообразие в питании грозит ожирением

Scientists have found that variety in the diet, resorted to by many people facing obesity. This contributes to the rapid acquisition of some products that trigger you to eat more frequently.

People who care about their health, were in the habit to vary your diet variety of products. This is done so that the body fell in a large number of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.

Scientists became interested in the question how effective these are. They analyzed statistical data for 2000 through 2017.

Insights hit them. In people with a variety of food was not identified no clear trend to weight loss. On the contrary.

When a person eats everyone, you rarely think what are the properties of a particular product. Many of them are quickly digested and thus “provoke” hunger, which leads to the appearance of additional pounds of weight.

In addition, discontinuity of sugar occurring in the blood, stimulate to eat junk food.

In the case when people eat a limited number of dishes, they know what the effect on the body those provide.

Once again the experts have proven that choice is good, but excessive diversity rather badly.

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