Scientists have found the secret of a mysterious object flying over Japan

Japanese astronomers finally figured out the mystery of the mysterious “fireball” which flew over Japan on April 29, 2017. Actually it was a piece of near-earth asteroid.

Writes only now scientists were able to solve the mystery. This object was much brighter and slower than other similar objects.

That was really the case

Scientists have found that the orbit of this “ball of fire” coincides with the orbit of near-earth asteroid 2003 YT1. So it can be its parent body.

The asteroid 2003 YT1 was discovered in 2003. In the past he was active and threw out into the surrounding space dust particles. One such particle was the object that burned up in the Earth’s atmosphere in 2017.

The orbit and composition of the “ball of fire” suggests that he was a part of the 2003 YT1.

What will happen to the asteroid

Scientists suggest that this celestial body can razvalitsya to pieces, and its fragments could reach the Ground. This will happen in the next 10 million years. If the predictions of scientists are correct, then these fragments will be a potential threat to our planet.

The chip, which flew to Earth in 2017, were not carrying the risk, because its diameter was only a few centimeters. Celestial body of this size burn up in the atmosphere before they can reach the Earth’s surface.

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