Scientists have identified neurons that trigger unpleasant emotions from the pain

Ученые определили нейроны, которые вызывают неприятные эмоции от боли

Scientists from Stanford University have stated that in the brain there are neurons that cause unpleasant emotions in response to painful stimuli. As reported by Naked science, the researchers conducted a series of experiments on mice.

As the researchers note, despite the fact that the nerves secrete painful stimuli, but this information carries a painful nature, until you reach the brain. In the study, researchers tried to identify the neurons that cause unpleasant feelings of pain.

The researchers conducted observations of the amygdala of mice at the time of response to painful stimuli and noticed a group of neurons that were more active during pain. To ascertain the role of these neurons, the researchers ran a second test. They ran mice with implanted miniscope in the cage and watched the free movement. In the cage, the rodents ran across drops of hot and cold water. Temperature did not cause serious injury, but caused pain. In this experiment, when the animals were given freedom of movement, the neurons responded with the same outstanding activity. This was the confirmation of the chosen direction.

In order to ensure that labeled cells accompanied it pain, not emotions in General, scientists watered the mice sweetened water, and again measured the activity of neurons. This time there was no reaction. Then they had past experience which showed the final connection between the output neurons and unpleasant emotions from the pain.

In the future, the researchers intend to identify the same neurons in humans.