Scientists have identified products that protect from the unpleasant mouth odor

Ученые определили продукты, защищающие от неприятного запаха изо рта

According to foreign experts, the deer of the best products whose consumption gives the effect of prevention of halitosis, cereal is quinoa.

Quinoa native to South America and known to mankind for over 6,000 years, although for the average Russian consumer is more a product of the exotic. However, quinoa is sold in Russian stores, and the reason for its purchase may be the scientists ‘ discovery that consumption of quinoa protects against the halitosis – unpleasant “flavor” in his mouth.

About the study scientists wrote In its publication experts say that approximately every fourth person in the world has unpleasant to be around breath. Its main cause is the activity and reproduction of bacteria that aktiviziruyutsya thanks to stuck in my teeth food particles. Caused by a bacterial life form a compound of sulfur that make the breath unpleasant.

In the study, scientists were able to determine that contained in cereal quinoa saponins substances effectively destroy populations of bacteria Porphyromonas gingivalis and Fusobacterium nucleatum, inhabiting the oral cavity and contributing to the emergence of halitosis.

“The results showed that the saponins quinoa manifest a strong inhibiting activity against strains of bacteria”, noted scientific experts.

From other products are able to protect against odor, scientists have identified green tea, parsley, oranges, yogurt, fennel seeds and anise.