Scientists have invented a robot Drosophila and took video

The invention is 55 times more than a living insect. The robot is able to perform various acrobatic elements.

Ученые изобрели робота-дрозофила и сняли на видео

A team of scientists from Delft technical University in the Netherlands have invented a robot Drosophila and shot it. The machine is able to repeat the movements of fruit insect.

The system will be obtained a greater amount of knowledge about the flight of flies and insects. The invention of wings was used to better understand how fruit flies perform rapid turns.

The robot is capable of speeds up to 25 miles per hour, and the wingspan is 33 inches. In motion design can hold up to 5 minutes, during this time, she had the strength to overcome distance in kilometer. Development scientists may hang in the air in one place, or move in any possible direction.

Last year, Dutch scientists were able to invent robotic aquarium fish, is able to simulate the motion of schools of fish.

Proportions and form of the invention similar to the present inhabitants of the aquarium, but the length of the robot is slightly larger than the size of the living fish. Length of the robot is 7 inches.

Studies have shown that the fish robot living representatives of the aquarium took over her. The invention was able to influence the behavior of fish, thereby changing their direction of movement.

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