Scientists have made an important discovery about an incurable disease

Ученые сделали важное открытие о неизлечимой болезни

Diabetes mellitus has five types, instead of two as it is today. This was stated by Swedish scientists from the Institute of molecular medicine, who conducted a large-scale study, whose results questioned the current qualification incurable disease, reports ONLINE.UA.

In the course of the experiment, which was attended by nearly nine thousand patients with diabetes, it was found that the disease to be classified in five types, three of which have severe forms, and two lungs. According to doctors, the first severe type of diabetes is a form of the disease, which gives complications in the form of kidney failure, the second diabetes with insulin nedostatochnosty not autoimmune nature, and the third – autoimmune insulin deficiency. By the fourth and fifth type of diabetes, scientists have attributed illness arising from age-related changes of the pancreas and obesity.

Based on these data, the researchers came to the conclusion that to date, patients with diabetes may receive inadequate treatment, which does not bring results. They urged a more careful approach to the diagnosis of diseases, treatment which does not always require insulin therapy.