Scientists have made an incredible discovery that will change the view about the matter

Ученые сделали невероятное открытие, которое изменит представление о материи

American researchers have managed to obtain nanoparticles that are structured using DNA and exhibiting the properties of electrons. Such a discovery would not only open up new possibilities in the design of the materials, but will also change the view about the matter.

The results of the study. Scientists were able to create nanoparticles that have a special “glue” of DNA that holds them by analogy with the metal atoms, according to the website SpaceDaily.

With the destruction of the bonds between small particles, they “roll” through a crystal lattice, holding the large “neighbors.” This unique property, according to scientists, can lead to the emergence of many new technologies in the field of optics and electronics.

We’ve never seen anything like this before. In our simulations, the particles look like orbital electrons. Sea of electrons migrates metals, acting as glue, bonding all together. This is what becomes of these nanoparticles – mobile the glue that holds everything together
noted researchers at northwestern University USA.

What does it do? “This will lead to materials with potentially damaging properties which have never been observed. It challenges everything that we think about the creation of matter. This is the main part of the work, which will have a lasting effect,” – said the scientists.


Future research. In the future, scientists plan to examine the possibilities of using electrooptic particles to create new materials with useful properties. Although in the current experiments, we used nanoparticles of gold, in the long term, the expected emergence of various of colloidal crystals with unique properties.

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