Scientists have made the TOP 5 non-traditional fat-burning diets

People who want to lose weight, it is often difficult to understand which diet is right for them. Especially because some of them can cause significant health harm.

Учёные составили ТОП-5 нетрадиционных жиросжигающих диет

The researchers decided to come to the rescue and made the TOP 5 non-traditional fat-burning diets with powerful properties. Experts believe they will be the most effective for those who decided to lose weight.

First place is given a diet of boiled eggs. They are the best option in order to create a feeling of fullness. Two things should be consumed in the morning. For lunch you need to eat chicken breast with broccoli. For dinner, good fish and salad.

The menu is rather monotonous. At the same time it causes significant weight loss. The effect can be seen in two weeks.

In the second position the Paleo diet. It is quite famous and effective. Preference should be given to vegetables, lean meat, eggs and dairy products. This requires a complete refusal to eat foods, flavor enhancers and a variety of snacks.

The third place ranking from the ketogenic diet. Its essence is to dramatically reduce foods with lots of carbohydrates. In their place must come the fats.

The fourth line for a diet called the “5:2”. The point is that techenit five days you can eat without restrictions, and two days to observe a strict fast.

Rounding the TOP 5 of the Dukan diet. It is more complicated. It has four phases with specific purpose for each of them. 2 weeks you can lose up to 15 kg.

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