Scientists have named the cause of chronic diseases

Ученые назвали причину возникновения хронических заболеваний

The Australian scientists came to the conclusion that many chronic and immune diseases are often “born” from childhood, and “features of the genetics of the child cause changes in the functions of various genes involved in disease development”. About it it is reported on the website of the heart Institute and diabetes name of Baker.

It is reported that during the study, the scientists were subjected to various exposure samples of immune cells hundreds of newborns, trying to understand the immune system’s response to stimuli.

Experts searched for overlap between these genetic signals with those which are now associated with various diseases.

“The results were surprising in their scope: thousands of genetic variants control gene expression in various immune and inflammatory conditions, some of which had a range of influence”, – stated in the message.

Scientists believe that in the future the results of the study can be used to assess the risk of illnesses from birth.

At the same time, they warn that the results of such tests would determine only the probability of disease, because many of them are also heavily influenced by the lifestyle and environmental factors.

“However, the understanding of a person’s predisposition to certain diseases allows an early age to consider their individual characteristics and to pay more attention to prevention,” say scientists.