Scientists have named the danger of living in one-room apartments

Mental imbalance and physical ailments become the norm for residents “komunalki”, warn doctors.

Ученые назвали опасность жизни в однокомнатных квартирах

Scientists call unexpected danger of living in one-bedroom apartments. The fact that people who are deprived of their personal space, you begin to experience discomfort and complain of different psychosomatic illnesses. Talking about this doctors. An essential result of living in a limited area will become a mental disorder, nervousness, apathy to the outside world, lack of initiative.

If we talk about physical manifestations of pathologies, it is worth noting the rapid spread of infections, lack of personal space, children have chronic respiratory disease, characterized by the absence of immunity, there is obesity and overweight. To avoid becoming a hostage of own square meters should adhere to the norms for accommodation of 1 person.

Experts with calculations of the architects I absolutely agree, however, with a small caveat. They add that if the housing does not meet these parameters, the number of square meters per family member must not be less than 9. Today in Russia one person put housing 33 m2, two persons can count on apartment 42 m2, and a family of three members have to claim 54 m2.

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