Scientists have named the main cause of prostate cancer

Ученые назвали главную причину появления рака простаты

Eating large amounts of saturated fatty acids leads to the development of prostate cancer in men, but there is a way to prevent the disease, say Australian scientists in an article for Medical Xpress.

The study was conducted by specialists from the University of Melbourne and colleagues from the Institute of biomedical research of Monash University.

“As part of a new long-term research we decided to focus on prostate cancer, which is often other types of cancer are diagnosed in men and that is also unfortunate, began to appear earlier than ever before. We decided to find out why it happened,” said Professor Matthew watt.

In their study, the scientists compared healthy tissue and malignant.

It turned out that the main factor of the cancer is eating large amounts of saturated fatty acids contained in the meat (sausage, bacon, sausage), baked goods, some dairy products and fried foods.

Thus, when injected into cancer cells via the so-called Transporter fatty acids nourish them and encourage the growth of tumors.

Scientists believe that, if you block the Transporter and allow the cells to starvation, depriving them of fatty acids, the cancer will slow down by 30-50%.