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Вчені назвали найпоширеніші випадки смертей через селфі - Техно 24

In 2011 killed 259 people-for having made spectacular self. However, such cases have been recorded worldwide.

These are the results of a study conducted by Indian scientists, writes CNN.

As we found out, most fans take pictures of themselves falling into the water from boats or from the edge of the cliff. Most people self died in India, next in the ranking followed by Russia, USA and Pakistan, respectively. In particular, India has recorded 159 cases of such tragedies. Most of the victims were male (about 72%) before the age of 30 years.

In addition to falling from height, during self died while posing with a loaded weapon and attack animals. Posing with weapons – one common cause of death from self in the United States.

The researchers believe that this figure is understated and is actually deaths from self much more. So, if the driver poses for self while driving and then dies in a car accident, the cause of death is always referred to as accidents.

Scientists also recommend that in tourist areas, especially on mountain tops, near water and at heights should not be created any zones for self.

The researchers noted that while women are more like to do self, they are less inclined to take risks in the process of shooting.

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