Scientists have named two reasons for the development of breast cancer

Ученые назвали две причины развития рака груди

Alcohol and excess weight are the most important carcinogen for the female body, the study showed 200 thousand women.

The development of breast cancer can be prevented in the coming years, if we abandon the regular use of alcohol and maintain body weight within normal limits. To such conclusion the Australian scientists, by combining the results of six cohort studies involving more than 200 thousand women, says Medicalxpress.

“We found that current levels of obesity could cause the largest share of preventable cases of breast cancer in the future – 17.5 thousand cases of breast cancer in the next decade. The share of alcohol accounts for 11.6 thousand cases,” said Dr Maarit Laaksonen.

According to Australian researchers, the risk of breast cancer increases if you drink only one alcoholic beverage per day.

In addition, the development of breast cancer in seven percent of cases affected by hormonal therapy for five years or more in occasions of menopause.