Scientists have predicted the appearance of women half a century

Ученые спрогнозировали внешность женщин через пол века

In 50 years people will be easier to preserve youth through the development of technologies

Scientists from the University of Helsinki found that attractive women have 16% more children who are also different beauty. Every year the number of beautiful women increased, but these data refer only to the female sex.

However, the scientist Stephen Stearns of Yale University is confident that the people of the future will be reduced growth and weight, the results of a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Scientists explain, now it is these women give birth more frequently compared to the “light” and high.

Scientists agreed on the opinion that in the coming decades, women will be similar to each other through assimilation and immigration.

A true rarity will be freckles, and blue and green eyes. Researchers at MIT found that women have more opportunities in politics and business. Because they often refuse bribes and more concerned about wards.

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