Scientists have proposed a new explanation for the emergence of the “witch circles”

Ученые предложили новое объяснение появлению "ведьминых кругов"

Scientists from the University of Guttenbergs found a new explanation for the emergence of the so-called “witch circles” – spots on the land that were found in the desert of Namibia and the arid regions of Australia. As the researchers report in an article published in the Journal of Arid Environment, “witch’s circles” are the result of peculiarities of soil moisture and not the activities of termites, as expected.

In the study, researchers examined a few laps near the town of Newman in Western Australia. Scientists have made a recess 154 for 12 kilometers. It turned out that within the circles of the clay layers are at the same levels, but traces of termites were absent. In addition, the researchers also probaly mapping studies using drones and found that damage to the soil by the activities of insects is poorly correlated with the appearance of the “witch circles”.

The researchers emphasize that for all regions where there are “witch’s circles”, are characterized by weak moisture.