Scientists have proved the existence of the virus of human zombism

“The walking dead” infected with other infection saliva when they bite. Disease “preprogrammed” the patient’s behavior, causing it to attack others, causing aggression and hallucinations, and the mortality rate is almost 100%.

Ученые доказали существование вируса зомбизма человека

Professor at the University of Maryland Jonathan Dinman announced the existence of the virus zombism person. It provides a long-known rabies virus. The Professor claims that after the infection with the rabies virus, the person literally becomes the walking dead. Rabies is transmitted with saliva by the bite, spreading through the nerve pathways, reaching the salivary glands, nerve cells in the cerebral cortex and other structures.

The first symptoms are headache, tachycardia, thirst. Then comes the second stage – “catatonic form” – severe damage to the brain, manifested by aggression, hallucinations, unbearable anxiety, excitement. At the last stage finally formed a zombie, accompanied by the desire to attack others and to generously share the virus with their victims, the man does not react to external stimuli, had aggravated all the senses, the body practically ceases to obey, there is frothing at the mouth. Based on the symptoms and way of spreading of the disease scientists believe that proved the existence of a virus zombism person.

Experts say that if the rabies virus mutates, and begins to occur in an acute form and a chronic, mythical USC will be a real threat to the existence of humanity.

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