Scientists have refuted the statements about the development of aggression in youth from video games

Ученые опровергли заявления о развитии агрессии у молодежи из-за видеоигр

Professor at Nanyang technological University John Wang, and the American psychologist Christopher Ferguson published a study about the relationship of video games and aggressive behavior. According to the results, in the current format, not video games can cause aggressive behavior.

The study involved 3034 a youth representative. Scientists observing the changes of behaviour of the young men for two years and according to them, video games can’t be associated with the development of aggression in young people. In addition, the researchers stated that they also recorded decline in prosocial behaviour among the participants of the experience.

According to them, to receive any major changes that can be clinically fix, you need to play about 27 hours a day projects age rated M. According to the ESRB, this rating is assigned videogame with lots of blood, violence, dismemberment and sexual scenes.