Scientists have shown with the help of gadgets, how they see the world of bugs

Ученые показали с помощью гаджетов, каким видят мир жуки

It is difficult to imagine the world through the eyes of a small insect. Can you imagine how huge he seems to make a big world? American entomologists have put the tiny bug camera to follow him. Until the bug goes through their paws, you can immerse yourself in his world.

Researchers from the University of Washington first of all, who put the camera on a bug. They created the perfect lightweight mini-Cam which was stuck to the shell safe glue (it’ll wash away in the rain). In the end, beetle Luggage weighs 250 milligrams.

That bug took too special, not the street. The beetle has provided entomologists. According to them this bug is the most active and frisky.

To camera hooked up gadget and brought the image to the screen. Even the night will not prevent two-legged to watch the world through the eyes of beetles, because the camera will continue to transmit to the smartphone image, shooting in the dark.

“This is the first time we can watch in first person from the back of the beetle until he moves. So many questions to explore. Also this system will help us to see or to obtain samples from remote places,” – said the scientists.