Scientists have told why men stop sex life

Ученые рассказали, почему мужчины прекращают интимную жизнь

The scientists said that the intimate life of men is affected by stress, the endless stream of information, a large number of online entertainment and crises.

This is the conclusion of sexual activity came sociologists from Indiana University (USA). To study the sexual frequency scientists Debbie Herbenick and Peter Wade used the data of almost 10,000 people, according to NW.

The results showed that a third of men aged 18 to 24 do not have an intimate relationship. Over the years, their “sexual inactivity” rose from 19% to 31%. Also men do not want to have sex because of low income and lack of work. After steady revenue increases a person’s chances for finding a partner and seems more reliable.

Scientists have noted that the rise in depression and anxiety among adolescents and young people provokes the deposition of the beginning of adult life, which implies physical proximity.

“The lack of activity in some, can cause suffering to others. This is a hot topic, which are worth talking about. Because intimate relationships are important for well-being and quality of life for many (though certainly not all) people,” added Peter Wade.