Scientists have uncovered an unexpected property of the alcohol – 24 Channel

Науковці розкрили неочікувану властивість алкоголю - 24 Канал

Experimentally, scientists from the University of Mississippi uncovered another useful feature of the use of alcoholic beverages.

The study involved 20 men aged 21 to 30 years, says Harvard Business Review.

They used vodka with cranberry juice until they reached a state of intoxication in 0.8 ppm. After that was a associate of the Association.


For example, in response to “bill” it was necessary to combine the words “be”, “dollar”, “hide”. Those who were under the influence of alcohol, the test is easier and faster than the sober group of men.

Thus, the use of alcoholic beverages helps to solve creative tasks. Scientists attribute this to the fact that the person has a reduced level of self-control and the ability to quickly jump from thought to thought.

However, this is effective only to the level of 0.8 ppm. If the blood alcohol level more then creative thinking will not work effectively.


By the way, the people who are looking for a couple who are inclined to drink more than those who is in a relationship.

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