Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the mysterious hum at the bottom of the ocean

Ученые раскрыли тайну загадочного гула на дне океана

French geologists have declared that they managed to find a possible cause of the mysterious seismic waves that originated from the island of Mayotte in the Comoros, and has spread around the world. According to Science Alert, according to the researchers, the cause of the mysterious buzz was volcanic activity, which have never been observed.

Scientists believe that the seismic waves were the result of the devastation of a massive reservoir of magma. This may explain why the island of Mayotte, settles about nine millimeters a month and moving East at 16 millimeters in the month.

Within six months after the November “buzz” researchers studied the seismograph data. They indicate that at a depth of 28 kilometers of the motion occurred about cubic kilometers of magma. Hot rock which contains the gas reached the surface and flowed into the surrounding sediments. This explains why there’s nothing out was not observed.

The researchers note that continues to register the buzz, so I’ll continue monitoring the region. However, there are still questions that need to be answered. For example, why, if the magma stays underground, in water was found a large number of dead fish. It was also unclear what was the cause of this movement of magma.