Scientists have unveiled the mystery of deadly mummies

“Soldiers of the sun” used the poison for ritual sacrifices and deter thieves.

Учёные рассекретили тайну смертоносных мумий

Scientists have finally unveiled the mystery of deadly mummies. As it turned out, the clothes are the most famous mummified girls in Chile are impregnated with cinnabar. It is deadly poisonous coloring matter on the basis of mercury. Given that the paint is extremely rare, scientists have concluded: it was used for sacrificial rituals and as a protection of the tombs from robbers.

It is known that the Incas, like most indigenous peoples of South America, mastered the art of mummification. This is confirmed by dozens of mummy children found in the mountains of Chile and Peru. Sacrificial rituals without bloodshed was dedicated, usually the Sun God.

Many researchers believe that the dyeing fabrics Incas used hematite (oxidized iron), but recent analysis of the dye revealed the content contained 81% mercury and 15% sulphur, and is a deadly poisonous combination.

Учёные рассекретили тайну смертоносных мумий

The importance of this discovery cannot be overestimated, and from a historical point of view, and for protecting archeologists from the legendary “curse of the ancient mummies”. The fact that the toxic particles can enter the bloodstream through the respiratory tract and lead to serious health problems and sometimes fatal.

Such cases history is littered.

For example, after the opening of the tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun in 1923 by a British expedition under the leadership of Howard Carter, the 13 members of the expedition died. The causes of the mysterious deaths is still up to the end not clearly determined, but most researchers link them with the “curse of the pharaohs”.

Учёные рассекретили тайну смертоносных мумий

Lately it is considered that the members of the expedition were poisoned by toxic fumes of decomposed products, which are generously filled with the calm of the Egyptian kings for feasts in the afterlife. According to another version, before closing in the burial chambers scattered poisonous substances of mineral origin.

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