Scientists have warned about the impending disaster in the Black sea: “thousands of lives at risk”

Ученые предупредили о надвигающийся катастрофе в Черном море: "тысячи жизней в опасности"

Experts have predicted an unenviable future of the Black sea, which soon could face a great danger

Scientists have very long been studying the Black sea. The first expedition was organized by Nicholas Androsovym back in 1890. Since then experts have converged in one: the reservoir in excessive levels of hydrogen sulfide – a flammable, colorless gas with a pungent odor.

About 90% of the volume of the Black sea is this gas. This means that water resources that are suitable for life, sea creatures, remains 10%. Periodically, the gas rises to alarming level of 75 meters. Hydrogen sulfide makes it almost all the layers of the sea uninhabitable. Already at a depth of 100 meters, scientists are unable to find any signs of life.

According to most experts, a large concentration of hydrogen sulfide is the result of volcanic activity in water through tectonic faults do poisonous gases. Another version – sulfide forming bacteria saprotrophic.

Scientists believe that seismic activity will sooner or later become the cause of the explosion of the Black sea. The consequences can be devastating coastal areas will be infected with concentrated sulfuric acid. Now experts speculate what measures can be taken to improve the situation in the region.

Also earlier it was reported that in the Crimea, raised the alarm over the impending ecological disaster that could destroy the entire flora and fauna of the Peninsula.

Experts talk about the environmental disaster in the Black sea and, in particular, in the Kerch Strait. It is known that mining in the upper-and lower Kurbatskogo-Kurbatskogo tailings, which remained toxic waste enterprise “Kamysh-Burun iron-ore combine” may have serious impact on the ecological situation in the region.

So, according to the Ministry, in the upper-Kurbatskogo tailings impoundment area sand mining has increased in 18 times, and the lower Kurbatskogo – 3.2 times.

Recall that in the annexed Crimea because of heavy rains, people’s homes are under threat of flooding with water and mud. In the last days occupied Feodosia pour the abnormal rains.

Precipitation was so strong that it led to flooding in the area. In particular, debris flows have covered the entire roadway at the foot of mount Tepe-Oba.

In a press-service Ministry of emergency situations of the Peninsula reported that due to heavy rains, there is a risk that the streams of water flooded the houses in the residential sector of the city.

“Due to the abundant rains and snow melt occurred rise of the water level in the river Baybuga, the result of which was flooded 18 homes and 40 houses in the village Near Combat Garden street, Garden alley, street, Park, streets per Annum (the water level was 15-20 cm)”, – stated in the message.

Ученые предупредили о надвигающийся катастрофе в Черном море: "тысячи жизней в опасности"

Ученые предупредили о надвигающийся катастрофе в Черном море: "тысячи жизней в опасности"