Scientists: Ibuprofen can be more dangerous than expected

Ученые: Ибупрофен может быть опаснее, чем предполагается

A group of scientists from the University of California at Davis conducted a new study. According to the results, the painkillers on the basis of Ibuprofen may be dangerous to the liver than previously assumed. In addition, there was found a difference in responses from the floor.

Ibuprofen – a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It can be bought in a pharmacy without a prescription, used as an analgesic.

Scientists have long known that its use is fraught with heart problems and an increased risk of stroke, however the side effects to the liver were studied in detail.

Professor Aldrin Gomes, working at the Department of neurobiology, physiology and behavior, College of biological Sciences at the University of California colleagues conducted a week-long test on mice. They were administered Ibuprofen in a quantity equivalent to 400 mg adult.

Through advanced mass spectrometry, they examined metabolic pathways in the liver cells.

“We found that ibuprofen caused a lot more changes of protein expression in the liver than we expected,” said Gomez.

More than three dozen different metabolic pathways were altered in male mice treated with Ibuprofen. The researchers found that Ibuprofen had a different, and in some cases opposite effects on the liver of male and female mice.

Scientists say that this is not a call to abandon the medication. All drugs have certain side effects. However, this opening is taken into account in the appointment of treatment according to sex.