Scientists: In the future the people themselves will decide when to die

Future technologies will help to prevent the aging process and can “freeze” the age of the person.

Учёные: В будущем люди сами будут решать, когда умирать

Times when many people died young, are long gone thanks to development of medicine and improvement of skills in the use of resources. Now, American scientists began to think about how to give people eternal youth. It is no secret that most people die in a hospital bed from the diseases, growing closer to old age. Experts say that to get rid of diseases using vaccines to prevent its occurrence.

However, in our time the aging process is associated more with physics, not biology. Stress on the joints, muscles or organs makes the regeneration mechanism to wear out. In recent years, medicine has made a step forward, and scientists have found a method how to force the body to work like clockwork. The doctors are working to prevent the process of aging by using preventive measures. In the future it will help a person to decide at what age to “stay” and when to die.

However, to return to the elderly healthy body will not work. The man who stopped the aging process in 90 years, in any case you will die within decades, say experts. The body of the elderly suffered quite a lot of damage, and resources and physical capacity is simply not enough to “undo” old age and postpone death.

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