Scientists: in the heart of pessimism is found in the brain

This area can be enabled and disabled, makes absolutely happy person pessimist. It works in the opposite direction, so the experts decided to understand the mechanism of the withdrawal of a person from depression.

Ученые: Центр пессимизма находится в головном мозге

Scientists conducted an experiment and found that the center of pessimism is found in the brain, and is responsible for the process striatum (one of the basal nuclei of the hemispheres). If you act on the specified area, the entrance and exit from depression can be controlled, which is particularly useful in pathological disorders are almost not treatable.

Studies have shown that the patient will not be able to resist, and anxiety and panic attacks will pass by themselves if the impact on the part of the brain to produce in the desired direction. Now experts continue to explore the heart of pessimism, in today’s society, mental health requires not less attention than the physical condition.

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