Scientists made a discovery that could save from diabetes

Ученые сделали открытие, способное спасти от диабета

Scientists working at the University of British Columbia, have managed to grow in a Petri dish blood vessels from human stem cells. In addition, they found that they can be grown inside the beings belonging to other species, informs

Joseph Penninger, head of the research team, explained that the circulatory system is linked with every organ in the human body. In this regard, the creation of vessels can provide the possibility to treat a variety of diseases of the cardiovascular system of the body. Once scientists were able to grow the vessels, they transplanted them into live mice. Very soon they began to act in the body of rodents as the most common blood vessels. This situation indicates that they can be grown in other animal species.

But scientists did not stop there. They placed the vessels in an environment that mimics diabetes. Then grown vessels began to behave as if they are in the human body, a patient with diabetes. As a rule, over time, the vessels become clogged in diabetics that prevents the normal delivery of oxygen and other nutrients to the organs. As a result, it leads to such serious problems as kidney failure, heart attacks and stroke.