Scientists made a sensational statement about life on Mars: “send mission”

Ученые сделали сенсационное заявление о жизни на Марсе: «отправят миссию»

Scientists have found on Mars traces of ancient rivers

The European space Agency (ESA) will send to Mars on a special mission to confirm his conjecture.

ESA has published a photograph of the surface of the mysterious red Planet. Sensation was the fact that the photograph clearly shows the traces of rivers that about four million years ago, the years flowed on the surface of Mars.

And even today on this planet is dry and cold, the researchers say with confidence That earlier there was all absolutely differently.

The experts say that the climate of Mars was warm and wet. From this we conclude that on the planet there was constantly water. And scientists have found traces of ancient rivers.

“Recent studies more strongly suggest that the planet once had a thick and dense atmosphere that was able to retain more heat. Such conditions could facilitate and maintain a flow of liquid water on the surface” – say the experts of the ESA.

Now scientists have puzzled over the problem – and whether in those conditions life on Mars?

In order to get an accurate scientific answer to Mars is preparing a special mission. A special scientific instrument that will visit places of interest to scientists there will conduct drilling work in search of signs of life beneath the surface.

“This mission is the first of its kind”, – is spoken in the message of the European space Agency.

As previously reported, a research station NASA’s Mars InSight gave astronomers another mystery.

The station devices fixed on the red planet unexplained low frequency infrasound, when he passed by the set of detectors on the lander of the mission InSight. The amplitude of the infrasound was pretty big. It was recorded for 100 seconds. This was announced by planetary scientists from Cornell University don Banfield.

He suggests that sound could be caused by a meteorite, entered the atmosphere of Mars, a strong atmospheric disturbance, or even by a landslide that came down near the place of landing.

The distance to the sound source until the install failed, but scientists hope to do so in the course of further research.

Also a planetary scientist recalled that the primary purpose of the weather station is measuring wind speed, temperature and barometric pressure of Mars.

Ученые сделали сенсационное заявление о жизни на Марсе: «отправят миссию»

Ученые сделали сенсационное заявление о жизни на Марсе: «отправят миссию»