Scientists: Nibiru “sucks” lava from the Earth

The message of the end of the world is encoded in the activity of Venus and Jupiter, say the researchers of the Cosmos.

Ученые: Нибиру «высасывает» лаву из недр Земли

Scientists say that planet X is “spewing” volcanoes of the planets of the Solar system and “absorb” the lava from the bowels of the Earth. Experts from NASA noticed that the theory of the Apocalypse from arriving in an unknown Solar system Nibiru every day more and more real than before. Expert Cristian Negureanu asserts that there is a huge gravitational force due to the presence of another planetary system, managed by the star Nemesis, which is surrounded by some of the planets, including Nibiru (Planet X).

They affect some planets, such as Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Earth, Venus and our star, the Sun.

On Jupiter’s moon IO, the volcano has become active. Venus intensified “idunn Mons”. The Sun observed magnetic storms and violent eruption of lava, which provokes an unusual flows “toxic” waves and rays on Earth. These radioactive storms so strong that they can knock out satellites, disrupt the services such as communications and GPS, to threaten the aircraft and even interfere with the power supply.

Ученые: Нибиру «высасывает» лаву из недр Земли

Our planet is active at the moment, I think that at the moment, erupt more than 20 volcanoes around the world, most of them are concentrated in a ring of Fire, and the situation seems to be deteriorating. If the theory about the arrival of Nibiru will become a reality, then we can consider the activity of the volcano is a clear sign.

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