Scientists: One of the causes of accelerated aging is a piece of cake

Professionals working in the United States, decided that all the matter in the children. This conclusion applies only to women.

Учёные: Одной из причин ускоренного старения является многодетность

In the North-West University have conducted a study. As a result, scientists have concluded that one of the reasons of accelerated aging of women is their children.

In the experiment, was attended by thousands of Filipinos. Their age was from 20 to 22 years. Among them were childless, and those who have already three kids. In volunteers studied biological markers, in particular telomere length.

Data analysis showed that after the birth of each child and the female cells “aged” 0.5-2 years. This figure was higher than in younger age pregnant girls.

At the same time, in the course of the pregnancy itself, no changes in biological markers was not observed, despite the fact that at this moment the female body mobilizes all its forces.

However, the findings of scientists it is difficult to name very reliable. Large Hollywood stars continue to demonstrate their excellent form.

In addition, the Filipinos could be of a different social status, which is quite possible. The phenomenon of accelerated aging could be caused not by the presence of children and number, difficulties with how to feed them.

It should also be noted that the experiment was conducted with a very narrow age group. It is possible that, in the subsequent aging will “reverse” when a woman is a big and friendly family, living in prosperity.

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