Scientists puzzled: the COVID-19 has detected the insertion of the human protein

Ученые озадачены: в COVID-19 обнаружили вставку из человеческого белка

A geneticist is also not ruled out the possibility of artificial origin of the insertion.

Scientists from Cambridge University found in the coronavirus insert, which is identical to part of human protein.

Using artificial intelligence, the experts decided to find a unique sequence in the proteins of SARS-CoV-2. The study is published on the website of the scientific journal eLife.

As a result of their found where is regulated the possibility of the entry of coronavirus into human cell. Comparison with strains of atypical pneumonia SARS-CoV and suspected strains of zoonotic origin has shown that SARS-CoV-2 acquired a sequence of inserts on a plot of S1/S2.

More than 20 thousand human proteins the peptide RRARSVAS is present in only one – ENaC-?, scholars have noted. Its low activity on the surface of the respiratory tract leads to disruption of reabsorption of fluid. This pathology was seen in cases COVID-19 acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Experts from Cambridge have suggested that the virus has specifically evolved to mimic a substrate of a protease of the person. However, this theory does not confirm the artificial origin of SARS-CoV-2, says an expert on coronaviruses Mikhail shchelkanov.

While genetics Konstantin Krutovsky stated that the probability of such a mutation is negligible, though possible.

He made a couple of other options: the coronavirus was an interim host, he has long existed in human populations, or that cultivated in the laboratory on human cells. The probability of artificial origin insertion he also did not rule out.

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