Scientists: Risk of diabetes reduced fat dairy products

This refutes the previously common was the opinion about their harm. Nutrition is a major factor in the emergence of this disease.

Учёные: Риск диабета снижают жирные молочные продукты

Scientists have found that fatty dairy products do not increase, and reduce the risk of diabetes. Now experts hope the introduction of these changes to the recommendations on dietary nutrition.

In many countries to limit the intake of fat in the body, it is recommended to consume low-fat products, which is considered quite a diet.

At the same time, after the last of the scientists ‘ observations are clearly required a revision of the established standards relating to the prevention of diabetes related to the second type.

As it turned out, the risk of its development was less in those who consumed milk fat with high level. In clinical studies involving more than 60 thousand people.

Low risk treated people with any gender, age, degree of obesity, status in society and so on.

The degree of decrease in those who ate fatty dairy products, reached 30% in comparison with the others.

Thus, scientists believe that consumption of milk fat has a high concentration, does not affect the risk of developing the disease. Rather, the opposite.

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