Scientists: salt contributes to weight gain

Ученые: соль способствует увеличению веса

Eating foods with high dosage of salt increases the weight to the same extent as the intake of fatty and carbohydrate-rich food. To the conclusion this was drawn by researchers from Vanderbilt University.

The Journal of Clinical Investigation published the arguments of the scientists that excessive amount of salt in the diet can be the trigger of excess weight gain. According to scientific experts, “most Americans daily consume 50% more salt than recommended, and this may be the cause of excess weight”.

Scientists say that excessive consumption of salt partly a passion for junk food. In particular, people who abuse salt, are also consumers of products such as smoked meat, sausages, requiring reheating prepared meals, salted nuts, processed cheeses.

“In addition to packaged and deli meats, some canned and frozen foods, from beans to vegetables, can have a very high level of salt, so always read the labels and composition”, – said the researchers.

The scientists also pointed to the existence of foods that are not considered very salty, but contain sodium. They recommend to look for and choose products with a minimal amount of sodium, or rinse products cold running water to remove salt.

Supposedly salt makes you fat, adversely affecting the intestine, which destroy the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Related to changes in the intestinal microflora affect metabolic processes and lead to an increase in fat mass.