Scientists say that the water from the toilet is fraught with mortal danger

Ученые утверждают, что вода из туалета таит смертельную опасность

Experts from the University of Arizona and Drechselschule University found that the water in the sinks, toilets and showers can be full of lethal bacteria, according to Medical Express. The researchers found that in a sample of water taken from several sources, was discovered traces of the bacteria that cause Legionnaires ‘ disease. The penetration of the pathogen inside cause the development of serious disease, which causes death in 25 percent of cases.

The researchers concluded that the risk of infection with the deadly bacteria was the highest in case of contact with the mucous membrane and respiratory organs splashing. Among the most vulnerable to infections of people have been people with reduced immunity, diabetes first and second type, as well as those who had previously been treated for bacterial infection. Experts said that pathogenic gram-negative bacteria can develop in homes with water system in which water stagnates for a long period of time.