Scientists: smartphones cases of insomnia doubled

Experts say that because of mobile devices, people are faced with a serious threat to a healthy night’s rest.

Учёные: Из-за смартфонов случаи бессонницы увеличились вдвое

Official statistics suggests that the number of people seeking medical attention for sleep problems has doubled. Over the last five years, doctors recorded an increase in suffering from insomnia from 3200 to 7100 patients. The main problem so severe growth problems have become smartphones. People Wake up at night to check their mobile devices and then spend time relaxing on the social network and the Internet.

The national health service in the UK notes that over the past year the number of applicants with insomnia patients increased by 17%. However, experts note that not only the British but also people in other countries do not consider the sleep disorder is really a serious problem, why not seek help from doctors.

Scientists say that to abandon the use of the smartphone is a few hours before bedtime. The glow of the screen negatively affects a person, which affects the quality of night rest. According to scientists, if a person likes to read before sleep, then in this case he should use a normal paper book or newspaper.

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