Scientists: soda can be dangerous for the body

Ученые: лимонад может быть опасен для организма

About the dangers and consequences of consuming sugary sodas was told by the experts.

Many scientists believe fizzy drinks among the most harmful products. The candidate of medical Sciences Irina Pichugina explained that the lemonade is really dangerous for the body, but to different degrees. This largely depends on the regularity of the consumption, composition and quality of the drink.

The lemonade contains a lot of sugar and its frequent consumption can lead to a lack of the body’s response to insulin, thus causing diabetes of the second type. When consuming a sweet beverage most of the sugar is deposited as fat, and this can lead to obesity, cardio-vascular, skin diseases.

High levels of sugar in blood does not allow the body to respond adequately to stress. Also, there is evidence that due to the high doses of sugar can disrupt the reproductive system of boys and girls and puberty girls will previously need.

Fans of carbonated drinks the risk of developing pancreatic cancer increases by 87% than not use people. About this tell researchers from the American University of Minnesota.