Scientists: Stereotypes affect human relationships

The researchers believe that people with dictatorial qualities are perceived easier, and easier, than being “diplomatic”.

Ученые: Стереотипы влияют на взаимоотношения людей

Scientists from the University of Berkeley claim that stereotypes affect human relationships. As evidence of this theory, neuroscientists have conducted a special experiment in which participants had to share other people’s qualities, relating them to dictators or diplomats.

The participants had to evaluate other people, allocating them a certain amount of money (e) at its discretion. The most diplomatically offered the least amount, and people with dictatorial qualities gave most of the money, leaving a smaller share.

To prove their theory the researchers studied information of the canadian labour market and found that the future of the person depends on his qualities and appearance. Social stereotypes turned out to be so strong that we can predict the situation that a person goes in society. Just determine to whom it belongs – to the dictator or diplomat.

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