Scientists: thanks to the squid, will be developed highly effective antimicrobial agent

Ученые: благодаря кальмарам, будет разработан сверхэффективный противомикробный препарат

A special gland that is part of the reproductive system of the squid, attracted the attention of scientists for its antimicrobial functions. Scientists hope drug created on its basis, will help people with weakened immune systems to avoid the infection of Candida albicans and some other fungi species.

Scientists have studied a specialized reproductive gland of the squid (pictured squid under a microscope), nidamental-called accessory gland, a function which until that time had been a matter of dispute.

The researchers describe gland the size of a little finger, with thousands of antennae, which are pumping the bacteria in the jelly shell, which is layered on each of 100-300 eggs of the mother before she lays them on the seabed.Protection-delayed eggsthe researchers Also showed that in the absence of bacterial coverage, growing eggs squid susceptible to fungal infections. The team made the chemical extracts of the bacteria and showed that they contain antimicrobial properties that inhibit not only the fungus associated with the squid, but Candida albicans which can cause serious and fatal infection in humans with weakened immune systems, e.g. HIV-infected or cancer patients.

“So many people suffer from infections of Candida. We know that these chemicals have a biological purpose, and they can lead us to the discovery of medicine”,” says Marci Balunas (Marcy Balunas), head of the research group.