Scientists: the Beginning of cancer can be identified by the use of water

To this unexpected conclusion came a group of Spanish experts. They are sure to informed to detect cancer, there are more effective means.

Учёные: Начало рака можно распознать при помощи воды

Scientists said that the beginning of cancer can be identified by the use of water. To it under various reacting antigens Tn. In the development of cancer they occur in 90% of cases.

The difference of these two antigens was only in one amino acid. In one she was a serine in the other – treoninove.

These antigens behave in the water are quite the opposite. Gas-phase tests do not show the identification of these differences.

Emilio Jose, working at the Institute of Biophysics, I am sure that with water it is possible to keep track of how evolved the molecule Tn, and to understand the development of the disease. Thus, it will be the basis to develop more effective tools for early diagnosis.

However, there is a problem. The Tn antigen is always present in the organism and is not perceived by them as a foreign body.

Immune response in Tn is very low. However, it is the concentration of this dangerous molecule it is possible to judge the degree of development of cancer.

In the future you want to create the molecules, not present in the body, but with the same structure as that of the antigen. The body treats them as foreign bodies and an immune response will become more visible.

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