Scientists: the Cause of glaucoma may be an autoimmune disorder

Therefore it is possible to develop very different approaches in the treatment of this disease. These findings from the latest research.

Учёные: Причиной глаукомы может быть аутоиммунное расстройство

They were conducted by scientists working at the Massachusetts Institute of technology. Their conclusion is that the cause of glaucoma may be an autoimmune disorder.

Experts found in the body the presence of T cells that attack the retina. They largely cause damage to the eyes resulting in the appearance of glaucoma.

Now the task of scientists is to develop a way to repay their autoimmune activity. If it succeeds, in the treatment of glaucoma will be made a real breakthrough.

At the same time, a number of experts suggests that bravura statements are premature. Experiments on mice are not always supported by the people.

However, they agree that research must continue. Moreover, it is possible that other parts of the human immune system can affect the appearance of degenerative diseases of the brain. The causes of some of them, scientists are still unclear.

Currently, the worldwide glaucoma affects about 70 million people. This disease involves damage to the retina and optic nerve. The consequence can be the onset of blindness.

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